I was hell bent on buying the Asus K43SD that I decided to start making rounds at Cyberzone yesterday. I spend a little over three hours scouring the property for the right seller who can give me the best offer. I usually don’t spend a lot of cash on other things (yes, even when I go on a shopping spree, my shopping money is of reasonable account, let me tell you) but when I do, I make sure I weighed all options. Since I’m lazier than a sloth, my options were limited to: Shopping around online and shopping around Cyberzone.

I know I could get even better savings shopping at Gilmore or Green Hills or something but I really don’t like traveling all the way to certain places for something when I can buy the same thing at somewhere near my place at a relatively same price. So there. That’s my take on things. Anyway, this is one of the most exciting times for moi because I just love the anticipation. But, as I rounded up my search, I decided to take a quick peek at Toshiba kasi I wanted to check out if they have the R830 in stock. What I found, was this beauty:

And the best part is, I can get it at about the same price as the Asus lappy I’ve been eyeing for weeks. Obviously, this threw me off the loop! I can’t decide which one to get! As you already know, I’ve been a longtime fan of Toshiba, having owned two tosh lappies already with no problems whatsoever so when I see a bargain as tempting as this (the guy offers to hook me up with lifetime anti virus, freebies like a mouse and other accessories, etc.), I really need to do my homework. I asked my boyf’s take on things and from what he gathered, Tosh is the better choice.

Unfortunately, this particular model (as well as several others) were just launched last week so I couldn’t find any reviews locally and overseas. I literally spend all morning looking for its model name in the US, UK and AU market and found only a similar model, not the actual model. I checked CNET and all other gadget review sites and based my decision on what these folks have to say about its cousin.

It’s a mix of good points and bad points. One thing’s for sure, it’s on the really low end of the spectrum and it looks like it, and that’s why I am thinking twice about buying it. You see, the deck of the laptop looksΒ andΒ feels so freakin plastic-ky, it’s obviously cheap. Specs-wise, Tosh’s C840 is similar to Asus’ K34SD, even surpassing the latter when it comes to storage (Asus got 320G while Tosh got 500G), plus it has Bluetooth (don’t really need it but it’s a welcome addition). But when it comes to looks, Asus looks and feels more expensive than it really is and don’t think I’m being biased about it, I’m not. The difference is obvious.

Apart from the looks, not a lot of critics were impressed with its cousin’s performance, garnering only a mediocre three stars on CNET while Asus got 4/5 from a PC mag review.

The thing is, I have my heart set on the Asus. Deicding which one to get is really hard at this point because I know Tosh lappies are built like tanks and I have no clue how Asus will compare. On the other hand, Asus got really excellent customer service (this has been consistent for years, even back when I decided on buying my first Tosh) and from what I gathered, their lappies are just as hardy as Tosh. Even now, I can’t make up my mind about it.

Hay, first world problems, hahahah!