Geeking Out

Not a lot of people know that I have semi-extensive technical knowledge about laptops, mostly because I love them and I tend to pore over every imaginable content about them when I’m on the verge of buying one. Which brings us today, where I’m currently obsessing on a bunch of lappies. I’m planning on buying one on the second week of June and I’m torn between trusty Toshiba (I owned two laptops) or the chart topping Asus. Here’s the candidates:

For Asus, I want the K series in pretty pink:

Only 29,995!

And from Toshiba, the R830:

Price: Probably expensive

I know I’ll probably buy the Asus K series because it’s cheap and chic. On the other hand, I feel that if I intend to spend a little over 30 grand for a laptop, I might as well go all out with the Tosh r830. I love that both are light, thin and specs-wise, they’re awesome. I can’t get over their brushed aluminum finish (my laptop shells are made of plastic), I bet they feel so expensiiiiiiive!

The Tosh lappy bagged the Editor’s Pick over at CNet. Which means two things. One, it’s really a marvel of engineering and two, I can’t afford it.

So now I’m seriously weighing my options so by the second week of June, I get a new laptop already. I will miss my ol’ trusty white Tosh though. It has always been a dependable machine and rolled with the punches with not as much as a whirr. However, I do need to upgrade (mine’s about four years old already though I did not experience any problems at all) and my niece might appreciate this more. So… we’ll see. I can’t wait to start shopping around for it!

Update: K, so I decided to buy the Asus K4SD and is on my way to scout for the store to buy. I’m not giving up finding a cheap and chic Tosh machine though. Here’s to hoping for an awesome lappy!