Walking Down Memory Lane

Note: Apparently, I did not publish one of my more well-meaning post. I hope my girlfriends are reading this so that they would kiss and make up already! Currently posting all “accidental drafts” on this space so don’t be surprised to see lots of old news in here πŸ™‚

I have been chatting with my old parkner in crime, Rhae last night. Apart from the usual pleasantries and how’s life been treating you bit, we again, as always, looked back from where we are now. Β I used to be part of the bestest group ever, The WebDaters. We were drinking buddies, colleagues, seatmates, and most importantly, we were all good friends. It seemed to me, no matter where we are, no matter what happened, the group will survive just about anything because seriously, friendship is an unbreakable bond, right?

Sure, the group managed to survive the great falling out of 2007, the distance, the pikunan but there was one hurdle the group has yet to overcome, the clusterfuck of 2011.

Well, it all started before my birthday when two of my buddies, Rhae and Hannah Beh tried to plan something special for my then-upcoming birthday. Somehow, someone voiced his displeasure over a seemingly well-meaning gesture and decided to fuck things up because that’s what he does best.

Trouble ensued and eventually, the group imploded. I couldn’t say anything about the whole spectacle then because I myself was in a very bad place at that time. While I do appreciate the gesture, in fact, it was probably one of the sweetest things friends did for me, I sort of felt bad that things went the way they did.

So, fast forward a year later, my old pakner and my Hannah Beh still ain’t talking. Which is a pity because I started inviting people to my house for a little domestic drinking and two, Rhae’s about to get hitched and she and I wishes the whole group to be there, well all except one guy in particular, who is forever banished from the group, or what’s left of it anyway.

Looking back now, I do wish things turned out differently. But I learned two things. First, I learn that things would’ve been better had I shut my mouth about a lot of things and two, years of resentment can destroy relationships, even the best ones.