Look what I bought, new trainers!

I might not say this often but I actually jog. And I jog wearing the most horrendous pair of running shoes ever. I actually stole it from my sister because I’m so cheap, I refuse to get my own. Anyhoo, the pair finally fell apart last week and this time, I have no other choice but to buy a pair of trainers. The boyfriend suggested I buy from Adidas’ Makati outlet store, which is conveniently near his office.

So there, got me a pair of teal (currently my fave color this year) trainers! I had my sights set on a pink pair of running shoes but the ones I liked aren’t on sale (cheap talaga, no?) and this one, I saved like, a thousand bucks! How awesome is that?

Incidentally, after we had meryenda, we accidentally left my shoes under our table and we had to rush across the damn mall to get it back! It was quite a scare and thank goodness no one noticed the bag chilling in there otherwise, I would’ve spend several thousand bucks on big, fat nothing.

Can’t wait to try out these bad boys tonight! (Yes, we jog during the evenings)