Since I cannot use my Facebook page or Twitter page as an avenue to rant about how fucking hungry I am right now, I’m gonna abuse this space. So. Yes, seven days into the Master Cleanse program and I’m dying for meat, lard, among other things. What makes matters worse is that I got a fridge-full of my mom’s cooking and it takes a Herculean effort not to make a bee line to the fridge and fix something up for lunch.

It doe not help that my neighbor is grilling meat right now. Hay. Sometimes I wish I don’t care about my weight as I much as I do but at the same time, I seriously don’t want to look like a whale and before this diet begun, I was close to looking like one (I think I was nearing the 130 lbs mark and I’m only 5’1.5). Don’t get me wrong, I have no plans of going back to my old 2008 figure (I was 110 lbs then I think) but I do want to look leaner. So far, I think I’m around 120 lbs. I wish I could lose 5 more pounds for leeway.

2008 at 110 lbs

March 2011  at 130 lbs (my heaviest since 2003)

April 2012  at 120 to 125-ish (A week before the Master Cleanse diet)

Anyhoo, yes, seven days of hell. How do I feel? I’m actually proud that I made it this far considering I didn’t really ease myself into not eating for almost two weeks, you know? This little exercise proved that in terms of will power, I still have a lot of it.

The only drawback is that my boyfriend noticed I get sungit easily. These days, the littlest things irritate me. Well, if you haven’t eaten anything for more than a week, of course you’d be irritable. He got ever so slightly sungit also (and whiny too).

I got a few stuff lined up for next week, two of which include lots of eating but I think I can manage to pace myself. There’s also my upcoming vacay, which I’m excited about but not before celebrating my 6th month into coupledom with the boyfriend. Goods things ahead, so excited!