First off, let me just show you a picture that I am in, which, for once, angles worked on me. I hate seeing bad pictures of me being posted on public forums like Facebook (or worse, being tagged for it pa!) ever since I got a little soft around the gut area. Great pictures are hard to come by. SRSLY. So this one’s a gem. I see I’m not as fat as I think I am.

A lot has happened before and after Easter. I was away from the city for five glorious days. I hung out with the baby bro and made rounds to my favorite haunts. ย I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

I’m only several hours away from the grind and though I love the fact that I am employed and all that shit, lawrd, I’m bracing myself. I was welcomed back to the city by my favoritest guy ever. That would be the boyfriend, of course. Speaking of which, ย the boyfriend and I, are also doing a Master Cleanse diet. He does it because there’s money at stake while I do it because I’m just that vain ๐Ÿ™‚ Essentially, he and I will be consuming nothing but lemonade spiked with cayenne for ten fucking days. We’ll see how that will turn out. Today is the first day and so far, I’ve no appetite. But it’s only 9 in the morning, hehehehe.

Anyhoo, June is coming up and I will be on vacation. This time, a proper vacation. My sister’s bestfriend and I will be flying to Hong Kong toย rendezvous with my sister. Holla!ย So I’m pretty excited! Losts of stuff going on in between these months so there’s so much to look forward to!

Oh, and more good news! I haven’t smoked in months. I even stopped using my trusty eCig to stave off cravings. Here’s to a healthier me this 2012!