A Medley of Aches and Pains

I rarely get sick. But when I do, I’m so fucking useless, it’s almost laughable. I had a pretty interesting week, actually. From Sunday to Monday, I was afflicted with a bad case of gastritis. By Tuesday, I got the worst kind of migraine. From Wednesday til now, I’m down with a cold, severe cough, allergies, severe asthma and fever. It got so bad that the boyf had to drag me to the nearest clinic to have me checked for pneumonia. I had to use a nebulizer that did NOTHING to help clear out whatever it is that’s been clogging my lungs. My inhaler doesn’t work either so that’s sad.

The good news is, it’s not pneumonia. I’m just fucking sick as a dog. Incredibly, I didn’t let gastritis and migraine stop me from working. But between not being able to breathe through my nose and having chest pains from oh, I don’t know, shitload of sticky, sticky, phlegm, I have to admit, I needed to take it easy, man. I hate it when being sick gets in the way of work.

I’m feeling better for the first time in days. So that’s another good news. Heaven forbid, I’d be confined to the hospital for a week. I hate hospitals as much as I hate paksiw na isda, I tells ya.

Here’s to recovery. Wish ko lang nakakapayat tong ganito kaso hinde! HINDEH!