The Weekend That Was

So the last of the Tina’s Birthday Bonanza kickstarted on Saturday with a bang and ended in tranquility on Sunday. The boyfriend and I decided to forego the pricey romantic dinner and instead, get a full body massage plus dinner. One thing you should know, I don’t go to spas simply because I’m uncomfortable about the idea of walking around the vicinity in nothing but a wet towel much more, getting my naked caboose a rubdown!

I feel silly now, thinking back. I got my first full body massage and it’s quite something! Now, we plan to do this every month or so.

So for lunch, we went to Joel Torre’s Manukan. Read it here

It was fabulous! I can’t wait to go back and stuff my face with grilled meat and whatnot!

Last weekend, the boyfriend and I did a lot of indulgent things. It was kinda fun, seeing what the rest of the living do to have fun. I could get used to it, hahahaha!