The Switch

So this this sexy little thing greeted me this morning. And no, I did not order a third satchel in a span of 2 days, no. I’m not that impractical, trust me.

I was sorta forced to give up on the floral satchel because it’s slightly damaged.  From the back of the satchel, I noticed that the flower print was fading  faster than the rest and upon closer look, I felt that the leather on that particular area was thinner than the rest, it seemed like it’s slowly forming a hole or something. I ignored it since  it’s supposed to look vintage-y… until I discovered that the discoloration I saw on the interior of the bag earlier that day was directly caused by the thing that was forming on the exterior of the bag. That, I cannot ignore since I haven’t used the bag yet.

I had to make a decision. I sent word to the retailer about the problem and she promptly offered to replace it. However, I turned down her offer to replace it with the same model because apparently, cracked leather is more fragile than their regular ones and one of the things I loved about these satchels is the fact that it’s so freakin’ sturdy, it can be run over by a pison and it’s still gonna be intact.

My retailer relayed Zatchels satchel’s rep’s explanation, saying the thing was perfectly normal but in all honesty, they should save it until that satchel made it back to London. It’s damaged, there’s a hole forming on the thing, yo. I don’t want a bag that I have to look after and fuss over each time I go out, you know? I’m relieved that my retailer was kind enough to fix the problem immediately.

So I chose a worthy replacement. I was torn between the white satchel with red hearts all over it and the mock elephant leather satchel in Raspberry. I chose the latter and I couldn’t be more excited! The bag is a beautiful deep red violet. It’s really a high impact bag so if you’re looking for something totally different,  I think this is perfect for you.

I also pre-ordered the fluro orange Cambridge satchel, ETA is two to three months, hahahaha! A little excessive yes but this is gonna be the last time I’ll buy a bag this year so I might as well buy my dream bag, right?

See you in 90 days, love 🙂