De Bertdhey

My 29th birthday was by far the bestest ever, despite my sister not being here. The boyfriend and I went up north, had a quaint time in the country, ate things and most importantly, bonded with my mudang and Waki. The day was marred by the hospitalization of the boyf’s mom but last time I checked, she was doing better by the day.

Now, unlike most people, I didn’t grow up in a family that’s big on the whole birthday bash thing. It’s just not practical, you know? Why throw away several thousand pesos on a party when you can go out with a few of your friends and treat them for dinner, that’s how I do birthdays as a kid growing up in a little town up north.

This birthday was no different, but with a few exceptions.

Being a year older doesn’t make any difference to me. As far as I’m concerned, I’m forever a kid at heart! Now, the gifts, the boyf left a series of gifts that started with a piece of paper. I can’t talk about it but it’s quite curious. Next, he gave me one of the books I’ve been eyeing for weeks, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (told you I’m a kid at heart)

… and the rest of the gifts will be revealed in the next few days, or so he says. It will be capped off with a romantic dinner. So many things to be excited about!!!

For my own personal gift or as I say, my reward(s) for being such a good girl all these months, I got me the satchels that’s been haunting my dreams for months and months! Behold, the white satchel with large floral print in cracked leather:

and the fabulous metallic satchel in Gold:

To round up the whole birthday bonanza, I treated myself to a mini shopping spree. Oh, and I got a haircut na din.

Yes, after months of putting it off, I finally sneaked out of work to get a hair cut. I opted for a short-ish layered cut. I think it turned out great. Apparently, the guy who cut my hair has been doing it for years and I didn’t know! Call me stupid but ever since one of their former stylist said they get assigned to various salons across the metro at some point, I assumed everyone who worked in that specific salon is new. Well, the guy said he’s been there since Day 1 and have been cutting my hair for YEARS and I had no freakin’ clue! I’m surprised he even recognized me.

Obviously, I went a little overboard with my own gifts. I was sorta leaning towards buying the white satchel and the cheaper yellow satchel in place of the gold.. plus all that shopping but what the hell. It’s my birthday after all. Girls are entitled to getting what they want provided that 1) they can afford it to buy it on their own or 2) their boyfriend/husbands/parents can get them said gifts

Wai nat pinat. Best. Birthday. EYVER!

Oh, and for those who greeted me during my special day, thanks, you guys! Totally made the day even better!