Of Crashing, Birthdays and Such Biz

My computer crashed yesterday afternoon. Not really surprised since said computer’s been dropping hints here and there. Now, if there’s one thing I learned from the whole experience it’s that, being paranoid has its own benefits. Being a noob when it comes to anything computer-related, I always anticipate problems which is why I always have my ol’ reliable lappy with me.  Apart from that, I make sure I keep all my work-related documents in a nifty flash drive, with its content backed up in my second PC.

Well, it paid off. Though I’m beyond bummed about my broken PC, it’s not so bad when you know everything you worked hard on is safe and secure someplace else. If you work from home, just like yours truly, this is an awesome practice. The whole PC crashing thing couldn’t come at a worst time because it was also the boyf’s birthday and I was trying to get everything done early.

So for his birthday, I got him this:

I wasn’t really sold on giving him a PSP because I felt it wasn’t a well thought out gift. But considering the fact that 1) he’s a true blue gamer, and 2) Waki has his own PSP so mebbe they can bond over boringass games or something, I felt that he will appreciate the new gadget I got him. I was thisclose on changing my gift to a cool pair of leather shoes from Timberland but I decided against it for fear that he might not wear the shoes. To my relief, he love the thing. Man, he’s addicted! I know because he was fiddling away the damn thing until 1 in the morning.

Yeah, that’s right, I gave a boy flowers, yo!

For good measure, I surprised him with 30 roses. It is his 30th birthday, after all. Obviously, I’m not above role reversal. In fact, I love surprising him with  flowers. The flowers were sent to his office later that morning and from what I heard, it caused quite a stir.

Someone’s up to no good

Later that day, we met up to celebrate his 30th through food and a cool movie.  Oh, yeah, we heard mass also. It was a fun night, low key and very relaxing. Birthday ko naman ang susunod, wooot!