A Satchel Girl… in a Satchel World :D

Lapit na ang Valentines and more importantly, my 29th bee dai! So, I don’t really have a concrete plan this V-Day except for an intimate, low key celebration with the boyf. As far as my birthday goes, got no plans yet. My boyfriend’s been cooking something up for the past few weeks but he won’t tell me!!!

Last year, I was not able to buy something for myself dahil may malaking butas na nagpatuyo sa balon, if you know what I mean. This year, I’m able to continue the tradition of giving myself a gift for my birthday. No gadgets this year though, para maiba naman (My last birthday gift to myself was a Lumix, I think. The year before that, it was a laptop) This year, it’s all about satchels because I’m a satchel girl, in a satchel world, hahahaha! I’m planning on either buying any of these beauties:

The white satchel with big floral print just like the one I gifted my sister with (we don’t mind having the same thing):

The luscious Yellow satchel (I usually dress in black so a punchy Yellow satchel would be a great addition to my usual, everyday wear)

Or this handsome Gold satchel (I want it merely for its shock value: A GOLD satchel?! No wai!)

Or any two of these three. I want the white one and the gold one actually, but if I do buy 2 satchels, one has to be much cheaper than the other (I’m leaning towards the Yellow and the white) because I kinda am on a budget still. Besides, a line must be drawn somewhere, right?

It’s gonna be a busy first and second quarter of the year for me. Valentines, the boyf’s birthday, Sasa’s retarn of the comeback, a much needed break from work… my birthday! I’m thoroughly excited!

On a less shallow note, the first months of 2012 have been kind to me, I have to say. What a difference a year makes! I’m so glad 2011’sย series of unfortunate events ย is behind me now. I’m so excited for my upcoming birthday, not only because I’d be spending it with the boyf and my family but also becauseย I don’t feel as lost as I once felt, I know I’m exactly where I should be. It’s a great feeling. I’m grateful and happy. I could use a couple of dates with my girlfriends every now and then of course but otherwise, life’s been good.

It’s all good vibes and more monies for 2012 ๐Ÿ™‚ Just the way I like it!