Meeting The Parents

Three days before Christmas I introduced a boy to my mudrakels for the first time. Despite my own anxiety, it was actually not as painless as I thought it would be. I so was stressing over it days before the actual thing but I have to give it to the boyf, he handled everything in stride and in fact, he was loved by my mom and everyone I love almost instantly.

I’m relieved that I finally got to introduce the boyf to the mum, virtually everyone on my side have been pushing me to do it, not that I finally relented. I wanted to do this in my own time and in my own way. I guess that day finally arrived and I couldn’t be more glad. He is set to come back and visit my brother (who misses him terribly) sometime next year.

I also met his mum days before. As always, I was a ball of nerves but it went great, I think. LOL. Meet the parents na ang drama namin πŸ˜€