The Now

You know that feeling when every aspect of your life seems to be in order? You got a great job you genuinely enjoy, a boss that’s no push over, a generally cool boyfriend in tow, and a mildy dysfunctional yet great family, etc. I seriously have no major concerns in sight.

Oh, do I seem like I’m bragging? Naw. It’s just that, everything’s… eerily good, it sort of leaves me puzzled. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have no problems leading an otherwise boring life, in fact, I thrive on it, which is pathetic, lol. I’m leaving the huge responsibility of adding spice to my life to the boyfriend, he seems to be good at that. I’m just puzzled. I guess this is what getting older is all about. I can see what the rest of my life would be like from here. Comfortable, uneventful yet blessed.

I can’t even find anything to rant about except for that Zatchel bag I’ve been pining for (sold by a local retailer) just got sold to a lucky, lucky buyer. Sigh. Oh, yeah plus my steadily expanding waistline is somewhat problematic. I’ve been feeling lethargic lately, I guess years of working from home took its toll on me. I’m too lesi to even give go shopping. I know, right?

Oh, yes, December. My favoritest month! It’s here, which means, Christmas shopping is inevitable. I’m already half done with it, actually. I can’t wait for the weekend to get everything done for good na! This is gonna be the best Christmas evar! Evar!

Okay, that usually means I’m about to go over my Christmas budget. But who cares? Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? To blow hard-earned monies accumulated for the last 11 months over mostly useless things to gift our loved ones with? Yes, commercialism makes everyone happy, including me. Yes, I sound so first world but I know you believe it too XD and if you don’t, no one really gives a shit, so go fuck yourself.

Ahh… gleaming, happy faces, hands reaching out for gifts on dark Christmas eve. I kenat wait! I kenat!

On a totally unrelated note: Check out that amazing Liz Taylor  jewelry collection up for auction at Christie’s. Admiring all the sparkly, worldly goods. Kinda makes me frustrated I’m not rich yet (mark my words, I will be, in 10 years or less).