Patay Gutom Mode

So, the boyfriend surprised me with a huge rose bouquet, which made my jaw drop, before going out for dinner. I can’t help but get kilig, ahihihihhi. Anyhoo, the stars of the night were the seafood. We ate at this “paluto” resto (restaurants near the wet market, you can go to the market and choose the critters you want them to cook for you or have someone go there for you, get what you want, and have them cooked) somewhere in Home Depot, don’t ask me where I tend to forget things easily.

It’s embarrassing but the food was so good, we ate everything we ordered, a staggering feast good enough for three or four people.

Patay gutom mode, activated!

Lurching away from our plates, we met up with his friend for a night cap πŸ˜€Β Best night ever, courtesy of the boyfriend πŸ™‚