Halloween. Meh.

After five days of going country, I’m back in my hideous, seedy apartment. I may not have mentioned this before but I hate November 1. Sure, it means Christmas is just around the corner but I hate it. I’m positive no one hates it more than I do. Apart from having to wait in line for ages just to head north, I hate dem scurry spooky stories local channels seems so fond of showing during Halloween. I damned near lost my mind being creeped out of my wits in a big, empty house, which, if I may add, has never been blessed thanks to my mom’s misplaced sensibilities.

I have to hand it to my baby brother, he seemed to handle Halloween better than I did, being all calm and collected like that.

Apart from spending quality time with my kid brother, I have to admit I got bored. Five days without internet did take its toll. It also left me somewhat confused. I seem to have lost that sense of belonging anywhere. I was somewhat anxious to get back here in the city but now that I’m here, I’m somehow homesick (See? Hormonal). I don’t know, after swearing I’ve never been more bored, all I want now is to run back home and hunt bugs with Waki.


I also dread those small gatherings with relatives all of us are forced to endure during this particular season. This year, everyone just kept convincing me to marry the boyfriend and bear them sons and daughters as if it’s the only purpose I have in this life.

Of course, this year has its own drama. Two family members are at it again. I just laughed. My family (except my darling baby brother) and relatives are all crazy, man. It’s hilarious. But I still hate these shitty gatherings. It’s like that time of the year when relatives compare notes about their sons’ or daughters’ achievements, who cooked what, who bought which car, what’s up with who, etc. I know it’s shallow and all but I never felt more poor, old and out of place. I would’ve happily wasted the rest of my life sitting in front of my computer looking at funny gifs than to be subjected to these annual boringass things, man.

Why some people love pinoy Halloween is beyond me.