Of Battling The Bulge

Fitness wise, I’ve hit the dreaded plateau. Yes, I dedicate at least an hour of my time exercising every day until, hopefully, the day I die, in an effort to rid myself of this gross fatness (a direct result of last year’s half a yearlong’s binging). Me nao:

I know I’ll never be the same skinny bitch I once was cuz fighting genetics is a never-ending battle I’m bound to lose. (Me not too long ago:)

I have lost my “svelte figure” (using that term because it’s an inside joke between me and a mate). I can’t go back to Tina 2003! I con’t, I simply con’t!

So I started whipping my flat, washboard Asian ass back into shape and things were great but as I said, I hit the plateau. You know, you exercise and exercise and somehow, you do not seem to get same results. I learn you have to mix things up and such business and that’s what I did.

Now, I’ve found this cool article that gives the bestest ab workout. For gays like me who’s constantly battling the bulge, it’s a great workout for a flatter tummy. Click the pic for the slide show: