Green is In!

I’m surprised at how teeny tiny the TCSC satchel is compared to my old SoS satchel (both are 13 inches).

The leather of the old one is so much thicker as well, which is another surprise considering TCSC is known for its super stiff leather. Apparently, the local-made satchel’s got a much thicker hide! Hurray for Pinoy cow!

While I do love my newest acquisition, I do think it’s the last satchel I’ll buy from TCSC. I mean, with the amount of  money I paid for this one and the level of bitch power required to snatch this shit from other bag hags who are just dying to get ’em one of these , I had my expectations.

I guess I’m sorta underwhelmed because my camera won’t fit inside  together with my jumongous wallet, that’s all.

Updated (Forgot about TCSC’s finer points): TCSC’s satchel is fitted with hardware that are far more superior than SoS and the leather is smoother to the touch. The color of the leather was done evenly, it’s vibrant and  yes, as my sister pointed out, the shape of the bag itself is better.

Overall, I’m not unhappy about my purchase but I think I may have overestimated this particular model’s space. I think it’s either I don’t buy another one na lang or I have to purchase a bigger one. I’m still in love with the Orange one though.