Bathe in Green

Life is full of surprises. Just when I thought I’d never get my hands on TCSC satchels, I caught wind of one currently looking for a kind-hearted person to adopt her.

Yes, it is obviously a striking emerald Green, not the sunshiny yellow I initially wanted. However, Green is my second favorite color (Red being the first, it’s the Chinese blood in me, I guess). I don’t feel like I’m settling for the “next best thing” because when I gave up on Orange, Yellow and Green were on the top of the list. I didn’t pick Green because I felt that Yellow will do a better job brightening my often somber ensemble. Though not as sunshiny, the green satchel is equally stunning so the choice was obvious.

As soon as I got word that a certain supplier re-stocked on these satchels (but the collection is super limited, like only 5 made it here in PH) I made a few phone calls and secured it.

I know so many want to buy the same bag so I had to act fast. I’m not a competitive person by nature but I’ll be damned if I lose this chance. So yes, it’s mine nao. It will arrive on Tuesday next week. I’m so excited I could hardly sit still.

Actually, I plan to collect all citrus colors, Yellow, Green and Orange 😀 but I suppose I should make good on my promise that this is the last purchase I will make for myself this year so the other two will have to wait until next year but who knows? Life is full of surprises, right?