Azkals Hawtness

In honor of Azkal’s recent victory, I’m posting their almost nekkid pictures.

He’s the team captain, BTW

I’ve never followed our national football team’s progress and I only saw bits of them in action on a bus TV while making my way back to the city yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to squint really hard to make out what was happening. Anyhoo, they won. They got billboards all over EDSA, which meant they hit it big time.

I do have mixed feelings over the billboards though. I mean, the Azkal guys are, no doubt, hot and I would loooooove to gawk at them all day long but shitload of billboards made the place look a whole lot dumpier than usual. Look o:

The billboards are place right beside a murky river. It’s uhm… not a good look. The place didn’t do much justice to the sizzling billboards, no?

P.S. May crush ako kay El Capitan, nyohohoh.