The Now

Things are mostly great. The boyfriend and I have spend a greater part of last week arguing over something I did that hurt him really, really bad. My sister, whom I later found out, is surprisingly more passive-aggressive than I, decided not to speak to me for weeks just because I now have a boyfriend, got another list of demands she wants to be met and I am juggling three freelance gigs.

The good news is, things between the boyf and I are on the mend. Which is great because this is the only good thing going for me at this point. It seems my irrational need to feel independent is clashing with everything else. I’m trying to change that but not at the pace I wanted nor what this relationship needed, but I’m positive that things will be better. It’s a glitch, a big one. It has not been resolved but we’re in this together and we’re likely to pull through.

This relationship, though I feel like I’m out of my element most of the time, since I’m not exactly an expert on such things, is not perfect but it’s amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ To be with someone who genuinely loves you despite your many flaws and you love back is just amazing.ย  The days ahead, I think, will be a lotย  more difficult and I’ll try not to feel too afraid to hold on. Cheesy ampota kahit ako nangilo. We learn as we go along.

The sister is currently a lost cause. There’s nothing I can say or do to please her these days. I tried everything from being sympathetic to giving her space. None worked. No amount of talking could make her understand at this point that I am happy and I need her to support me. But you know, she’ll get used to this.