Konting emo: I’m officially seeing someone. Exclusively. I’m nervous and excited about the whole thing because the idea of being with someone is so alien to me. I hope everything will turn as great as I think it would be πŸ™‚

Work has been really, really crazy. It still frustrates me than one person in the team messed up and we are expected to answer collectively for it. It sucks. I now understand whyΒ  some people are resigned to work home-based forever, they wouldn’t last a fucking day in an office-based work. The boss is still on a rampage and I believe he will make good of his threats that he’ll fire everyone’s asses if things do not go as planned. I stopped caring after I wrote a couple of strong-worded emails directed to the guy who started all the trouble. Kainis but well, that’s life. Tangina nyong lahat.

Because my job is hanging by a thread, I’m forced to abstain from shopping. It sucked because I’m scheduled for an all-out Forever21 shopping spree this week but I had to control my expenses. And I saw this perfect couch that I really, really wanted to buy. It’s so unfair! My life, so hard!

I’ll be in Cavite for the first time tomorrow to accompany a certain important person. I heard Cavite is far but how far is far?