Operation Makeover Tina’s Seedy Apartment Phase II

It’s been a hella tiring week for me and it’s barely Friday. Last Saturday, phase two of Operation Make over Tina’s Seedy Apartment was in full swing. A couple of guy friends were nice enough to help me give my house a new coat of paint. Now, we are just putting finishing touches and hopefully by Sunday, every room will be verdant green, hehehehe.

My savings has been taking a lot of beating as of late. There are so many improvements to be made and I had to take care of most of it. I’m not really complaining because I know the end result is worth the monies I put into.

Our new bed will be rolling in this weekend, if things go according to plans. My sister is especially ecstatic about that. I’m looking forward on throwing away all our old bedsheets and buy fancy new ones, hihihihi!

I have so many, many plans. My brain is buzzing with so much activities at this point that I can barely hear anything.