Rounding Up

Last week was a busy week for me, I spent most of my time darting back and forth to my full-time and part-time gig. It was definitely exhausting. It is as if both my clients decided to shake things up by giving me one new task after another. Hay. I feel so tired.

I went out to see a couple of Angels last Friday. Initially, Paeng and I wanted to watch the movie Iron Man. Yeah it’s been out for so long and yet we only managed to find time to watch it last Friday. I was stoked because I really, really want to watch that movie. Unfortunately, my hope was dashed because Rene and his friends wanted to hang out. To cut the story short, we ran out of time and decided to not watch the movie at all. Oh, well.

The El Nino heat is quite punishing, isn’t it? I’ve been breaking out in hives for godknowswhatreason. The humidity is killing me slowly. This is one of those moments where I’m frustrated that I’m no longer working in an office. I’ve no choice but to (quite literally) sweat it out. My sister does not want me to buy an air conditioner because our neighbors’ electric bills hit an all-time high last April and she does not us to suffer the same fate. I couldn’t care less but talked me out of it. So there, if I can describe what I’ve been doing for the past two months, I’d say I’ve done nothing but sweat like a pig.

To make things worse, my funds is slowly being depleted.It’s all my fault, I’ve been recklessly buying stuff these past few months. This is why I resolve to start saving up. However, the timing is off, we are all set to buy a couch, a bed frame, mattress and a couple of cabinets next month. Well, they are not really that necessary when you come to think of it but I have grown weary at the state of our apartment. I guess I work best when I’m surrounded with beautiful things, hehehehe. And that’s the precise reason why I’m so poor right now.

Moving on, my plan to return to an office-based job might be delayed. You see, my job hunting partner isn’t really making an effort to update her resume… or do anything for that matter. So I’m left to do stuff alone. I would’ve been okay with that except I don’t really need to find a job right now. Plus I’m saving up. Job hunting meant unnecessary spending. So my plan is to wait it out, save money and hopefully find a really fulfilling job in the months ahead. I’ve been considering on switching careers but at this point I see no chance of it materializing because I’m a lazy fuck.

Finally, I’m on a diet. An apple diet, to be precise. It’s a diet scheme I came out with out of desperation. Basically, whenever I feel hunger pangs, I’d eat apples instead of fattening stuff. I can’t even tell you how miserable I am at this point. I guess I inadvertently let myself go once I started working from home. I can’t even drag myself to do of exercises like I used to because it is too hot to do anything else. I wish it is rainy season na so that I can exercise and stop the madness.