(Voting) Cherry Popped

I spent a staggering five hours just to vote for the first time. I sure as hell wasn’t expecting everything to be easy breezy but five freaking hours in the sweltering El Nino heat is just pushing it. Anyway, I voted and it was awesome. I feel at this point that maybe the new administration would be better than the one we are made to go through for 12 years. I’m a bit shocked that there are still many local celebrities who ran and won in the elections, it’s like people never learned anything.

However, the most shocking would have to be Erap placing number two in the polls. WTFH I don’t know which part of plunderer people could not understand. I’m quite flabbergasted that he was even allowed to run for the presidency considering he is an ex-con who did nothing but squander money to fund his vices and mistresses. Everything about that guy is fake. Haay, this is probably one of the many reasons why our country will never rise from poverty.