I spent a good two days barfing and shitting because I inadvertently eaten something that either went bad or didn’t agree with my stomach.  So there. Now speaking of eating…

I opened a new food blog site aptly named “Eated” because that’s basically what the site will be all about, everything I have eaten, immortalized in Cyberspace. I do not plan to critique the food in a blow-by-blow account at all because I know squat about writing food articles. However, being fat for more than half my life, I can say I know good food and that’s just want I plan to do. Tell if the food sucked or not without having to put too much emphasis on the details why.

Of course, I created the site in anticipation for the new camera I will be getting sometime soon. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy a new one soon enough because of my weekly shopping sprees. So now, I’m really hell-bent on getting a new cam before April ends and I will have to make massive ipon for it. It just frustrates me though because my sister and I have been eating on really, really nice places these days and I have no camera to show off the food.


I’m pretty excited on this new playground because I liked how the pictures are presented. I have been lusting after the same template. I wanted to use it for this site but I have to pay shitload of money for it.  Eeek.  Since I’m a stingy hag, I am resigned to deal with this dreary design. Tumblr is kinda great, it has more options and it is more visually-appealing. The only drawback is the set up, unlike WordPress, Tumblr seems to be geared towards the social networking addicted people. That’s kinda unsettling.

Oh well. Nobody’s perfect.