Werk It

My friend and I are discussing our next job hunting adventure. Now, for someone who just got hired last week, this is quite… challenging. Although I do have plans to re-enter the world of the living, I do not plan to do this any time soon but I didn’t have the heart to tell her that. So instead, I halfheartedly said yes to everything. Scout for companies, yes. Update your resume, yes. Pick a kawaii outfit, yes. Let’s do this next week, yes.

The thing is, I sort of like my new set up now. I do not have to wake up as early as my last client required and I can work on my own pace without some dumbass feeding me bs.Β  That said, I have to ‘fess up, I haven’t really been enjoying myself after I gave the home based set up a shot. Sure, it pays the bills and yes, it pays a lot. But I have to admit I have grown weary of the whole home based set up. When 2010 started, I resolved that I will go out there and live my life. I have been living worse than a hermit and the routine that I developed, though safe and unfailing, have made it very hard for me to cope with everything else that has been going with my life. I suppose I want a distraction and I can’t have that if I continue to live the way I’m living now.

I’m so unsure what to do at this point. The last time I worked on an offline company, it was a complete disaster. Granted, I was going through an emotional phase at those times and the night shift did nothing to help my cause. Of course, I’m afraid of facing new challenges. Some people, they liked to be challenged. they go head on and they do not look back. I, on the other hand, approach challenges much like a toddler would approach a dead jellyfish by the shoreline, I poke at it with a stick, sniff it, make sure it was dead,Β  kick sand in its face then run like a girl.

I have to admit I’m interested on the notion of working offline again. All my new outfits are gathering dusts, it is driving em nuts. That’s basically the only reason I can think of, hehehehe.

At this point I’m still weighing my options. I could continue working for this guy and hold a full-time job offline or I could drop the job altogether and explore the unknown.Hay, decisions, decisions.