The Week After

Things have been relatively quiet after the last clusterfuck of a week I had. PM dear was also quiet… too quiet. I have a couple theories. It’s either she got one helluva sermon from the boss and she is taking that against me or I’m about to be fired.

Do I sound crazy?

I don’t know about you but I sort of have a sixth sense that can sense shit like this. Most of the time I can tell, feel and smell when things are about to go batshit on me. I seem to have picked this thing long ago, not that I enjoy knowing I’m about to get fired. You can’t say it’s paranoia (though sometimes it is) because there have been many situations where I was freakin’ right on the money… or lack thereof. So there. My prediction is that by the month’s end, I will be let go for God knows what reason.

The feeling was so strong that I actually started entertaining exams and whatnot. Of course, this is actually the perfect time for the company to let me go. I have grown bored with what I’m doing and with the whole homebased set up in general. I want to go back working in a real office. Incidentally, a friend of mine told me she is about to hunt for a job and she would be absolutely delighted if we go hunting together. I’m considering this offer mostly because all my new outfits from HK are now reduced to shitload of dustbunnies I want to search for meaning in my life I miss having a sense of purpose I’m bored. So if things do not go according to plan, I might be reviving my social life and get a job offline at the same time. oh, what fun.

In other news, an old colleague of mine became my neighbor last Tuesday. It’s great because now I do not have to worry about dying in utter boredom when Lent comes rolling in. I could simply drag my ass to the next apartment and just like magic, I have an audience for my world renowned verbal diarrhea.

How awesome is that!?

Hahaha! On a serious note, I couldn’t be happier because I have been bracing myself for a week long of bore that I could not gather enough enthusiasm to do much else. I pretty much think April will be a life-changing month for me. Though there are some uncertainties here and there, I’m sort of looking forward to a couple of things. Hopefully both would turn out great.

Cheers for optimism.