I have been having the worst week. Ever since I came back home for my cousin’s wedding, things have been shitty. First, I was deemed as “unproductive” by my so-called PM. She had the audacity to tell me not to take offense when she said those words. Here’s the situation. I reached my first month with the new client and I was up for a performance review. So far, the boss and the “PM” told me I was doing a good job. Suddenly, PM dear sent word that I was being unproductive. In my years as a writer, this is the first time I was called as such and I was understandably confused because I knew I was doing everything they asked me to. She never gave any explanations, saying that’s what she and the client agreed on.

Now, I’m no fool. I have worked side by side with some of the worst PMs on the face of the planet and let’s say I know exactly how they work.Β  My suspicion is that she just wanted to up the quota to make herself look good on the client, the same way that good ol’ Sam made the whole Angels work two days non-stop to make himself look good on the client. I got suspicious because I talked to the client way before and he said I was doing an excellent job. Something was very very fishy. So I told her that we agreed on the quota a long time ago and she never said anything about increasing it. Had I known she would do something like that, I never would have taken the job because I am very particular about quotas. Again, she never offered any explanation and it just made me even more suspicious.

I did the only logical thing to do, I talked to the company’s president and boy, oh, boy, he confirmed my suspicions. He said he was very satisfied with my work and that it was the PM’s idea to up the quota because “she feels that 5 articles in 8 hours is not enough”. I voiced out my displeasure over the whole thing and made sure the client knew exactly what I feel. Surprises of all surprises, the company president apologized about the situation and made it clear that I did nothing wrong.

You know, this PM of mine, she must’ve thought I’m the type who stands around for shit like this.She must have thought that I’m the type who just takes everything in with not as much as a peep. Well, I do my research and I will talk to the client to confirm everything she says because clearly, she is feeding me bs and I’m not having it.

I never thought of her as the type who’d do things to impress his boss at other people’s expense. Well, fuck that. I do what is asked of me and I work just as hard as every one else. I will not let someone tarnish my perfectly clean record, not without a helluva bitch fight. I wanted to quit working for them actually and I’m thinking that if I do quit and it’s because of her bs, I will not hesitate to call her out on the boss.

Another thing that made this week extremely challenging (in a bad way) is that I seem to be spending more and more time arguing with members of the family. I try my best to just suck it in and keep a straight face but there are some moments when they give you bullshit. I just hate it. The worst part is that there is nothing I can do about it. During my birthday, I spent the bulk of the day alone and miserable because I had a rift with a certain person and then I held a two-weeks delayed celebration and I had another argument with another member of the family. Seriously, I can’t get a break these days. Can I not have a decent celebration without anyone raining on the whole fucking parade? Instead of actually enjoying the moment with friends, I was marinating in misery. Haaay.

I try to keep the peace and just move on because I pretty much don’t have a choice but some people, they’re just out to ruin everything. It irritates me that I get bothered with these stuff when I don’t have to. I want to think all the bad things that happened last month was behind me now but there are just some people who keeps reminding me all about it every single time.

I just wish they would just leave me alone.