I just got word that the Social Butterfly is finally getting married. While I’m absolutely thrilled about it, I’m not quite sure I believe the whole love-at-first-sight shit they keep talking about. You see, they have only known each other for three months… ONLINE. They only saw each other once before when the guy left for the PH to meet her in person. According to my sister, the guy was so smitten with her that he asked her to marry him right away.


I don’t know if I just lack the faith for it or that maybe I am far too inexperienced with matters of the heart but I’m blown away with their story, and not in a good way. Oh, well. I never believed in love at first sight anyway but I’m seriously praying those two know what they are getting themselves into. Cheers for the happy couple.

I will attend the wedding of course. Unfortunately, I do not have a great outfit yet. I’m leaving everything to my sister’s very capable hands.

Moving on, Krissy and Pakwan are now a couple, officially. Pakwan called me up last night to break the good news. Look, this is a once in a lifetime experience, my best guy friend and my best girl friend are hooking up. It took them almost five years to do it but now they made it official! I couldn’t be more happy for Krissy because I know for a fact that Pakwan will do anything to take care of her :)Plus I actually threatened Pakwan to keep her happy or else I’d go there to bitchslap him til kingdom come.

So this means I’m fated to be the third wheel forever and ever XD My GooooOOOoooOOod. I wish he would hook me up with that cute brother of his, nyohohohohohoh! ZOMGWhatAmISaying?!