So I attended the triple birthday celebration of Hannah, Paeng and Rene. It was great because I got to reconnect with old friends and my wish to belt out numerous love songs was fulfilled.

Of course, some people made me not forget about the fact that I “blew them off” from the last get-together.ย  I was told in passing that “di bale madami din namang naasar sayo eh”. You know, sometimes I want to go on a lengthy monologue about it but I fear they won’t really care to listen. Tsk. It just pisses me off sometimes. Obviously some things ticks me off andย  I don’t expect people to understand me and my strangeness. I just wish people would just ‘fess up about it instead of letting slip snide remarks like that randomly.

I was actually wary of attending the party because I found out too late that most people in attendance are people I don’t know. I’m not a fan of house parties to begin with. I’m the type who likes to go out and hang out in the nearest bar so I was doubly anxious about meeting new people on a house party. I know I don’t mix well with other people. But except for short bouts of gastritis (maybe I was really anxious about it), everything was great. I met interesting people also. It was a nice experience.

Moving on, last night, I attended the despi of one of my oldest friends. He and his new wifey are Dubai-bound today. It was quite an experience because I have,yet again, reconnected with friends I haven’t seen since high school. I had a great time. I wish I could hang out with the new couple back in the city but their time here in the PH is very limited. Haaay.

I also went shopping for travel bags for my upcoming trip. I’m very very excited about vacationing overseas for the first time, heheheeh! It’s a very fun adventure and I can’t wait!