Gosh, I haven’t blogged for a while, have I? I’ve been busy these past few weeks. I was supposed to go back to the city today but I had to cancel because there was a death in the family. My dad’s big brother, whom I just saw three weeks ago, died. He literally dropped dead. It’s one of the most shocking news I heard all year especially because he showed no signs of having any form of illness. Haaay, it’s so sad really. Though I’m not much of a fan of reunions with the relatives (a strange quirk of mine) I have to pay my respect. Especially since he was so nice to me.

I had to cancel every plans I had (oh, believe me, there were plans made) and I had to spend the week creating advance work to cover for me during the days that I will be away.It’s just too bad because I was genuinely looking forward on drinking beer with the gang attending Rhae’s birthday celebration.

Oh yes, I had an unsettling conversation with the boss. It happened during the time that idiot co-employee told me that our boss is having financial difficulty and he was let go. So my boss confirmed this and as it turns out, I’m the only employee he retained.

Isn’t that scary?

He did insist that I had nothing to worry about and I’m not saying I’m worried. In fact, I’m strangely fine with everything at this point however, it makes me wonder what his new plans are. I think I haven’t stressed the fact that I’m a giant nOOb so if the tasks he had in-store for me requires major brain cell usage I just might falter, hahahaha!

BTW, I did seal the raket I was talking about. So far it has been crazy. The topics do not help, freakin’ insurance stuff. Not only are the topics hard to research (which consequently eats more than an hour off my allotted 4 hours working time which infuriates me since it means I have to cough up three full articles in less than three hours), writing these articles were mind-numbingly dull. Half the time I’m struggling to know what the fuck is going on because I could not understand the things being tackled on my research. Sometimes I’m wondering if it’s even worth the money. I mean I know I did it because I had to pony up money for my sister but seriously.

I’m giving this gig until next month. Hopefully the quota will ease up but if not, well, I will quit.

Oh yes, here’s another funny incident with the raket guy. He let go three people two days after I started working for him. Two were writers while I think the other guy is a graphic designer, I don’t know. So we were seven then and now it’s down to four, the raket guy included. That’s not the juicy bit.

One guy who got fired sent everyone an email appealing to all Flip workers (I think we were all from Philippines anyways) under the raket guy to ask for advance payment before working for him. Most amusing is raket guy’s testy response explaining what really happened. Now, during that time I didn’t really give a shit especially since the situation had nothing to do with me. In fact, I had a good laugh over it. I might be a tad worried now but from what I’ve seen, I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who would rip people off. So there.

Quite a week, wouldn’t you say?