Busy Bee

I’ve become so busy lately that I can barely spend an hour away from a freakin’ monitor. My boss returned just in time to tell me that he likes my work still. I’ve also began looking for a part-time job because my sister is making me pay for something to the tune of 15 grand. Totally huge. I guess this means I won’t be making any grand comeback to the city next year.


So far there’s one prospective client. But since it took him forever to respond to my email, I wasn’t able to talk to him on Skype. I’m hoping that I didn’t lose the chance altogether (the guy said he’ll be unavailable in the following days cuz he’ll be on vacation, so there’s no way of telling whether or not I blew it) otherwise I’m going to have to try harder to find another part-time gig.


Punyeta. I’m so tired, I fucking need a drink. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I had a beer. Oh, the things we take for granted.