I’m missing my sister, which is a first. I never miss her. Never. It might sound weird but I could not recall any time in my life where I truly missed hanging out with her. Not when we were kids, not when we went to different schools in high school,  not when I was gone to the city after college and she stayed behind with my parent for two years. Nuthin’. Till now, of course. I just don’t geddit. Suddenly I miss our weekly strolls at Mega, eating stuff and window shopping till the afternoon fades away. So weird.

The same goes for my old life. I wanna go back na, waaaah! But I can’t, I totally blew my savings away because of my last purchase! I’ve been toying with the idea of coming back more and more especially since my boss has been showing signs of being weird lately. I don’t know why but suddenly, things are odd.

Like last week, I totally had nothing to do which was another first. Then he gave me a new assignment and he hasn’t even checked up on me which is yes, another first (it’s a new assignment, normally bosses are bound to be nosing around). Then I checked out his email (don’t worry, I’m allowed to) because I was worried whether or not he got my reports and guess what… he hasn’t even opened any of my reports. Oh, the horror!

Am I being fired or something? Cuz I have this feeling that he will fire me.

Well, I’m thinking that maybe he’s just insanely busy. I heard from the grapevine that he may have lost his mini-website developer. He didn’t really show it but I can feel my boss getting testy during our conversation. Don’t get me wrong, there were no snarky remarks or whatever, in fact, he was cordial as always, but something was up.

So far I’ve been working all day and night because of the new assignment, which by the way, is both tedious and dull (because I’m duplicating my own write-ups… ZING). I feel like I’ll lose my mind because I’ve been re-wording all the articles I did to make even more content for him and it’s no picnic. If anything, reading each articles convinced me that I suck at what I do. I think it’s safe to say I won’t win any literature awards anytime soon.