My cousin, who is is eons younger than me, is getting married today. At first, me and my sister were deliberating on the cause of her speedy wedding. Our first theory was, of course, she’s pregnant. You see, my dear little cousin has a strict and overbearing father and we thought that her new-found liberty (she just got her first job on a faraway place) got her knocked-up. We visited the bride-to-be yesterday and we got stunned by what we discovered. She was not pregnant (oh, the horror!) The story got sadder from there.

It turns out that a couple of months ago, her dad found a bus ticket that goes all the way to Zambales when in fact, she works in Olongapo. After much interrogation, my cousin admitted that she went to visit her boyf and even went as far as admit that she is sleeping with him.


Boom, she got hitched.

How fucking retarded is that?!

Never mind that her dad is ridiculously overbearing and stubborn as a bull. I find the whole thing absolutely ludicrous. Where’s the romance in this wedding? NONE. Whatever happened to making your own decision as an adult? NONE. Why do old school things like this even happen in this day and age, I absolutely have no clue.

Of course, my mouth ran away with my imagination as soon as we were alone. I told her that it’s nice that she lets her parents have their say on certain things in her life but they should always leave the decision making to her. Especially life-long decisions such as this one. I know I was treading over dangerous waters by spouting shit a day before the big day but I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that she let her dad marry someone over something as stupid as a bus ticket.

It’s the ultimate case of parents running the lives of their children way beyond puberty. Though I’m surprised that the it was her dad’s decision to get her hitched, I’m even more stunned that she went ahead with his idea.ย Seriously, I don’t get why she even went along with the bullshit. Sure, she might’ve wanted to get married but she gave me a feeling that she too, is a bit overwhelmed with the whole shebang but she just don’t want to show it. I feel sad for the couple because it’s obvious that they never saw this thing coming.

Let’s hope against hope that things will work out for these kids.