I had such an uncomfortable night’s sleep due to gastritis. God, I hate it. The thing was, it went on until this morning, it was hell. I had to force myself to drink milk rather than coffee. Stupid gastritis.

Anyway, I’ve now began using my new lappy and turned my other old/new lappy into my main machine. So far, I was able to work away even if I’m out and about all over town. I’m quite impressed with its power considering that it is an Atom-based machine. I’ve yet to notice any difference between working on the netbook and a notebook… except for the screen size, of course.

The only glaring nega I can point out is the damn battery which loses its juice in just two hours. So if I bring it somewhere, I should also bring with me the cables which sucked because it totally defeats its portability feature.

I have installed cracked versions of Microsoft Office and AVG Pro on it… all by myself. It might not sound like a great achievement to most people but the last time I had something similar installed on a laptop, I had to shell out 300 bucks for it. Because I’m a noob. God, I can’t believe those guys. I think they ripped me off considering I came with my own programs. That’s so sad, I’ll never come back to that place again.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this netbook. At Php 26, 990, I think it is worth every cent. I recommend it to people who are looking for a handsome yet cheap-oh lappy that will be used solely for writing stuff, surfing stuff and sending stuff on email and do not plan on using hardcore programs used for video editing or graphic designing.