Back To The City, I Shall Be

I shall once again haul my ass back to the city in order to visit my sister, treat her cat to a bigass scratching post, keep tabs on the love of my life and as it turns out, to also attend a rare Angels get-together. So obviously I’ve been pretty busy lately, working my fingers to the bones in order to free up time to go back to Menela.


The great thing is that the boss made it easy for me, he got this new thing going and thankfully, he gave me a heads up about it two days before the actual implementation which I always appreciate because I fucking hate it when he changes my tasks with not as much as a warning. So there, I hope he keeps it up because I have wasted enough articles already because of that.

Moving on, yes, we will treat Dimitri to a spa where he will be subjected to grooming, bathing, de-clawing and other humiliating things that cats hate.

And finally:

Gosh, can I just rant about my expenses? Home-based nga pero bakit di nababawasan ang mga gastos ko? BAKET?!?! Letcheeeee! I keep making ipon but recently unexpected gastos keeps springing up out of nowhere, how will I be able to buy me this in time for Christmas?!