It Does Feel Like Christmas

My connection somehow went wonky on me. It’s been going on and off like freakin’ Christmas lights… and it’s only September. It’s… driving me nuts. I hate these kinds of shit especially if they happen at night when you know, you’re totally helpless, you only have limited knowledge in computers and nobody ever picks up the phone over at PLDT’s customer service center. Pak dat sheeeett.


On a totally unrelated note: Turns out my boss already launched his website, you know, the one I’m ghost-writing for. Good thing I was keeping tabs on when the content would finally go live, heheheh. Anyways, it was freaky. I mean, this is the first time I am ghost-writing for a real person (and not the fictional Bobby Rica guy). Seeing my work in there, it felt odd. But I’m glad the articles turned out okay and no, I will not be posting nor will I be giving out the link of my boss’ site because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want his cover blown and he may have them copyrighted or whatever the fuck they do. Hahaha, I was actually worried that if I posted the URL here, there will be trackbacks and so on (even though I disabled that function already, God I’m so paranoid) basta, yun na yun.

That and I’m uncomfortable about people checking out my “work” and giving me editing and subject-verb agreement pointers. I’m insecure, what can I say.