The Weekend That Was

First off, the Puerto Galera thing pushed through without delay. I was actually pretty wary of making the trip because the weather has been weird lately plus I had a couple of bad omen the day of the trip (I broke a mirror the morning before and our collective bus fare totaled at triple six, creepy huh?)

I had fun, I ate stuff, drank stuff, blinded everyone within three mile radius with my white, seemingly invisible skin, got treated with a gayass cabaret show while lunching at Hiyas and had an overall nice time. Surprisingly, this was the only time I actually enjoyed going back to Galera.


Note the thunderstorm behind us

Can’t say the same thing about going back. I wasn’t really looking forward to hauling my fatass back on a ten hour trip from Galera to Paniqui. Yes, it was tiring. I don’t recommend it.

So now, moving on. I just received an invitation for an interview with a certain company. Now, I know I’ve been harping on and on about being bored mindless working from home. However, now that I actually have a real chance (no matter how dim that chance may be) to change all these I freak out. Seriously, it’s frustrating!

See, this morning I woke up feeling lethargic because I haven’t touched a computer in almost four days plus I was lazy and sad over the fading memories of the Galera trip so I instinctively went to Jobstreet, found a couple of companies which have openings and just sent out my resumes. I know, it’s weirding me out too. So there, as the day was about to end, I got the invitation I mentioned earlier. I should be happy but I was instead, arrested with the feeling that I’m not ready. Not just yet.

I should at least show up for the interview but I can’t make myself do it. All I keep thinking is that I have a great job which pays more than it should, it’s not a demandingย  one at that and an awesome boss who doesn’tย  breathe down my neck. Plus I get to see Waki on a daily basis, what’s not to like?

Good Lawrd. I’m so gonna rot here in this quaint little town and die alone.

I know, I know. I’m not ready, I just know it. I shouldn’t justify my own cowardice but I shouldn’t complain about my life either because I know for a fact that I’m blessed beyond belief. Bat Ay Kent Heylp Eeeeettt!!! It’s… in my nature, I guess.

Shit… I’m so fat!!!