I just got back from the city and I’m a bit sorry about it, hehehe. I actually had a rotten time on my way back. First, I had to lug this huuuuge bag that contained every single item I bought yesterday… plus Waki’s scooter, all around Mega. I got a crick in my neck, ugh. Then when we went to the bus station, I was disappointed that the guy who was collecting the fare refused to slash half of Waki’s fare off. He is five, come on. The bus wasn’t full. I didn’t press on about it because I don’t wanna ruin my afternoon.

So there, after we arrived at Dau, I went to this paid comfort room with my brother in tow. I told the lady that my brother won’t pee because the bitch wants me to pay if he’s gonna go. Again, I have no problems paying if I was with a grown person but the child is five. Honestly, is there no one who would exempt kids from paying in full when they’re this small?

So he peed and as it turns out, they had a spy and saw the deed. When I went back to the entrance I got confronted by the bitch with a “Eh umihi naman po pala ang bata eh. Magbayad po kayo!” in such an accusatory tone, you’d think I committed genocide. Usually, I would happily bonked her with the five pesos she’s asking but the way she said it angered me. So much so that I refused to pay, lied, stood by my lie, and gave her a “Bring it, bitch” glare. I’m ashamed to admit that yes, I lied,Β  but I will not be talked to like that. It’s pride, it’s vanity, I don’t care. They shouldn’t even be making people pay for those shit.

So there, we almost had a shouting match but the butch that the bitch was with let it go. I gave them a final glare and walked away. I know full well I didn’t have to go through all that trouble for such a measly thing but sometimes I just… snap.

So after that, this macapuno guy came strolling along, coaxing everyone to buy his goods. I said no. I make it a point not to accept freebies if I do not have any plans on buying. You see, the whole “free candies” thing is a ruse. It is a ruse created so that people who unwittingly accepts these candies will be compelled to buy out of guilt. I’ve seen this happen so many times as a student and it never changed. But people eventually caught up. Well this guy, is taking no for an answer, he went on a long monologue stressing about the awesomeness of free things, blah blah blah. I relented just so he would shut up. Waki was delighted with the free candies.

The guy went back to our seat and offered the goods sometime later. I politely declined. He asked me twice. I said no twice. Know what the fucker did? He took a bag and gave it to my brother (the look of delight on Waki’s face after receiving the free candies didn’t slip his notice) and said, let him taste it if he likes it pay for it, if not he can have the whole bag (Waki had the confused look written all over his face after the guy handed him a bag of candy).

Of course, he is going to like candies, he’s five fucking years old. You can throw a muddy ball of yarn at him and he’ll be all over it. Well I’m not in the mood to indulge him with his experiment so I took the bag of candy and said, “Kuya sana wag nyong sinasali sa ganyan ang bata”. Know what the jerk said? “Bait”, with a hint of sarcasm. The nerve. I let it slip because seriously, I’m not having such a nice time and I really didn’t want to argue with anyone at that point.

The guy wouldn’t take the hint even after what happened. He still went back to our seat and offered it twice. Obviously he was hell-bent on going after me because we accepted the free candies but I’m not having any of it. I didn’t even bother responding until he finally walked away.

I know there were moments in these incidents where I did something wrong that resulted in such sorry situations but if I’m going to deal with jerkoffs like these bunch of clowns all the time, tangina ayaw ko nang maging tama.