Surprising Week-Ender

I had another strange incident with the boss. It wasn’t anything close to this one (I didn’t elaborate but let’s just say… we had an argument) but yet again I was caught off-guard. He might’ve felt that his first apology was a bit half-assed so he took a second shot at it. Which was a relief because I sincerely thought he’d never talk to me again after that little incident.

After poking around about my missing progress report, which apparently got lost in the mail, apology came out of nowhere. He might have mistaken the lost report as me being mutinous, but still I’m pretty relieved that we got that one ironed out for good. He said something about him doing this meditation thing and that he saw why and what caused the problem that resulted in loads of other problems. So there. I felt a bit awkward about it (because I didn’t see it coming) but it was good that we talked it out. That incident kinda dampened our working relationship, even I have to admit to that.


Also, I’ve finished reading the last of the Harry Potter series, it wasn’t a letdown, I’m pleased to announce. I remember reading the first of the HP book back in college. By the time I graduated, I read the fifth book. It never occurred to me to buy the two remaining book after I started working because somehow I knew I could get it for free (which I did, eventually)… I still think the book is overpriced. Anyway, I felt a bit sad, reading the last one (finished it at record time too, 2 days, mostly at night time, mind you).

I loved the whole Hermione + Ron thing because they’ve always complimented each other. Not too crazy on the Harry + Ginny angle. Neville proved to have inherited both his parents’ backbone in the end and he ultimately became a professor at Hogwarts. Awesome. Love it, love it. Didn’t hear from Luna in the end, which is sad because I kinda liked her quirky attitude.

I wasn’t prepared for Fred’s demise. He was always the funny one.Β  Snape was creepy even in the end but I felt bad because as things began to unravel, he proved to be a much better man than Dumbledore. But mostly I felt bad because it was the end of the series. No more books to look forward to each year, just the stupid movies that do not seem to stick to the original story. God, don’t me get started on that.

Hay. I feel old still. Dimitri peed in my room. Stupid cat.