Chillin’ like a Villain

My boss decided to take a well-deserved break by refraining from being online on mornings (PH time). This is one of the awesomest news  I heard this week because this means I can chill. You see, I’ m tensed whenever any boss of mine is online regardless whether he’s just a few yards away or  even miles away. The feeling does not change.

Mind you, this boss of mine isn’t a slave driver at all. In fact, he’s actually one of the nicest guys to work with but I guess it’s just one of my strange quirks. So there. Unlike other bosses, he doesn’t require his employees to be always online on Skype, which is awesome in itself. So this piece of news made it a lot easier for me to work. I’ve adjusted my schedule so that I’ll have more time to interact with the outside world. During the evening, I spend my time mastering the softwares he gave me even though I have a pretty good grasp on it already. I guess I just don’t want to draw a blank when he ask me stuff about it sometime next month (he said it’ll be a busy September as all members are going to start working together as a team).

Speaking of team, I decided to stop talking to this moron co-employee of mine because after I had a fight with the boss, I realized that one of the reasons why I went into such a panic to begin with was because this guy said some things that fueled my paranoia. He was the one hinting about getting ripped off and shit and by the time the hooplah was over he had the audacity to say “I told you he was a good man”. I know, the gall.

So there. I shouldn’t have talked to him to begin with but he is a part of the team and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a lot of events wherein we’d collaborate on certain projects. But until then I’m shunning him.

Another thing is that my mom found out about my stash of cigarettes. However, unlike the first time, she calmed down fairly. I just got a text from her warning me about the dangers of smoking and all. I’m quite tempted to lock up my room whenever I’m asleep because she seemed to develop a habit of going through my stuff while I’m asleep. It’s like I’m in grade school all over again. I hate it. I’m quite territorial so it goes without saying that no one, not even my sister, is allowed to touch any of my stuff without permission.

I’m tempted to tell her to stop touching my things and leave me alone because I’m an adult now. But then again, I know she’s worried and she’s a mother. Hell, if I were in her shoes I’d fucking strangle my offspring until I shake the addiction off. Which is impossible but hey!

So at this point, I’ll just hold back and find a new place to hide my stash.