Out Of Town Trip and Stuff

The boys and girls of Webdate are planning another get-together. Well, finally. I thought it’s gonna take Rhae forever to instigate another out-of-town trip because I sure as hell could use a break. I’m fed up with doing the same old thing, seeing the same old people (except for Waki op kors. I love that crazy little tyke) and dealing with the same boring shit.

So far, they can’t think of a good venue. That, and Hannah is suggesting that instead of a relaxing weekend on an island, we should all go camping on a rat-infested island and eat canned food in the middle of the fucking jungle. I don’t know about you but I sure as hell won’t spend my money, time and effort scraping off Ma-ling and sleeping in a flimsy tent in the middle of nowhere.

I’m not being difficult. In fact, I like the whole camping thing. But I won’t do it eating lameass canned goods and fearing the rats might smell and attack us while we sleep. Not happening. If I want to spend my weekend surviving the jungle, I’d just go to our backyard and build a makeshift tent, thankyouverymuch.

So there. I’m okay if Hannah won’t come because she thinks it’s too expensive but obviously Rhae won’t let this issue slide. Seriously, why bother? If a person clearly doesn’t want to go, then what’s the point of making her pilit and then dragging everyone to do what Hannah wants to do? Ang dami-dami pang kondisyon kesyo dapat wag sa Puerto Galera or Boracay kasi nakapunta na sya, kesyo kelangan nyang mag-tipid kasi magsho-shopping pa sya sa Hong Kong kaya 1, 500 Php lang kaya nyang i shell-out and Rhae was compelled to foot the bill, kesyo natuwa sya sa experience ng camping at feeling nya kelangan may thrill ang susunod na vacation kasi ayaw ng same old. I’m not being catty but I wish that girl would start thinking sensibly before she push everyone too far. Well I’m not going to stand for this bullshit.


Can we not go ahead with the original plan and just make some cost-effective changes? I just don’t get it. So what if lima lang kami? Kris, Carlo and I managed to stay in Galera for two days and only shelled out Php 1,500 each. I don’t fucking see it why we can’t do the fucking same.

So I’m leaving the decision to the majority. Bahala na sila.