Yesterday was weird. I got talking to a HS frenemy of mine who’s based in the U.S. She used to bully me back in HS because she found out I was a long-time friend of her minions. It was childish and all but we sorted things out by time we hit our fourth year and parted ways as friends.


I haven’t talked to her in almost a decade. Wow. If that doesn’t make anyone feel old then I don’t know what.

She said she’s very depressed after she and the rest of her family moved to the U.S. and she wanted to go back here in PH but she can’t because she’s a working student juggling work, school and son. It was all adult stuff that I can’t relate to, hahaha!

But it’s good to reconnect with her and I’m genuinely glad I got to talk to her after all these years. I’m one sick fuck because hearing her story made me feel better about mine.