The (JOB) Hunter

The past couple of weeks were spent doing endless interviews and writing exams and I’m sooo tired of it. One company even made me wait for almost three fucking hours just for an interview. Seriously.

I don’t wanna sound like I’m a drama queen but making people wait for more than a couple of hours when clearly they have an appointment set on that particular time is just plain unprofessional and rude. What made matters worse was the bitchy receptionist. She knew I got there in time and was made to wait fo hours without complain and when I finally asked her if she can follow up my interview, she gave a curt “the meeting’s over, they’ll be be here shortly, there’s nothing I can do about it” on the same breath. The last thing I needed to hear is a snarky remark from an airhead receptionist pretending on doing something important (yes, it’s pretty obvious she wasn’t doing anything worthwhile and I’m not just saying this because I’m pissed). It’s like I asked her the most ridiculous question on Earth. I wanted to snap back but I couldn’t. I’m just an applicant, after all.

So I just gnashed my teeth in anger silently, waited patiently and still went ahead with the interview but I don’t think I’ll ever come back. I lost my enthusiasm.

A couple of friends sent word that their client is looking for a home-based writer and they had me in mind (bless their souls). I got the client’s approval yesterday and they wanna hire me right away. The money is good, actually. Better paying than all of the past companies I worked for including that stupid shithole.

The downside is it’s porn. I know, that’s where the money is but I’m a bit wary about going back to my roots. I told my sister about it and she confirmed what I’ve known for quite awhile, that Porn, though it’s the easiest way to earn bucks, might not be a good way for one to improve his/her craft. Maybe if I get desperate enough, I might take the job but for now, I still have loads of options.

Luckily, an old friend of mine called me up the other day and he was looking for an SEO writer. He’s one of the recruitment suit from a certain company and he told me he’d move heaven and Earth for the client to hire me. Yay. So there, got a couple of leads and if nothing comes up, I might seriously consider doing homebased gigs.