Doing the Hussle

Yesterday was interesting. I hussled out of the house pretty early because I had a thing going on that morning. After that was done, I went back to Ortigas to attend another interview. That one was a bit lackluster. Not because I was the problem but the interviewer was a bit amusing… in a not-s great way.

You know the part of the interview where they ask about your expected salary? I find that question entertaining because I always wait for their reaction. Usually you can gauge the standing of the company just by a certain “look” interviewers give away when you blurt out your expected fee.

So this one gave me that “Yo-You-Must-Be-Pulling-My-Leg” kind of look. Granted, I knew from the state of their office that they don’t really pay much but still, seeing her face scrunch up like a sharpay when I answered that question was absolutely priceless.

Also, I found out from a writer friend that we applied on the same company. The funny part was there were shitload of applicants vying for the same position. The funnier part? I just found out they only need one person for the job. SHIT. It’s a long shot. It’ll take a fucking miracle to even get short-listed. Gaaaaaaaaaah. Oh, well.

I then went to Mega for a nice steak lunch at Holy Cow. My sister warned me that there were text messages going around saying somebody contracted the swine flu from Mega but I think it’s jus a smear campaign. Like the bomb threat thing two years ago. Besides, nothing can come in-between me and my awesome Holy Cow steak and Red Mango yogurt combo. NOTHING!


The steak was great but not truly mind-blowing. I ordered the Wellington steak just to see if it fares  better than their blade steak which I had the week before. For doneness, I asked for medium rare but the hot plate cooked the damn steak to well-done. It’s a bit of a drag but the beef was still tender despite being thoroughly cooked. There were bits of fat stuck on the Wellington which I love but these days, I need to stop loading on the lard.

The blade steak was much, much leaner which makes it guilt-free. It had the right amount of pinkness and was very juicy. Bottom line, order up the blade steak 😀 it’s fantabulous! The staff noticed I’ve been eating there more and more so they asked if they could list me down as one of their frequent customers. It’s too bad I didn’t get any discount out of that but here’s to hoping 🙂

By the way, I swear there’s something about the frozen yogurt at RM that’s definitely addictive. I got hooked on this shit and even went as far as telling my friends that they go and haul their ass to that place. Usually I kept ordering up yogurt with at least three toppings on it but I later found out that it’s best eaten on its own. Creamy, delicate with just a hint of tartness… so fricken yummeh. I try to go to RM as often as I could and it’s making me fat, huhuhuhu.