Of Cats, Crazy Weather and Creepyass CSI Dude

My sister wants a cat. I told her I’m having none of that and she got a bit pissed. I dislike cats not because I discriminate, I dislike ’em because I’m hopelessly allergic to cats. Ugh, just the thought of being around one makes my kuyukot shiver.


I went for the whole nine yards and watched the three CSIs in one night, NY, Miami and the original series. The format of each show stays true to the original right down to the brooding head honcho. If I’m asked to which CSI Head Honcho I don’t get the most it’ll have to be CSI: Miami’s Lieutenant Day Shift Supervisor Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso. What the hell is up with this guy? He’s got this this creepy not-quite-raspy voice and the way he lingers around like a fucking vampire on every dark corner of the CSI office is seriously unsettling. Coupled with his lame one-liners (Where’s my CSI? If I find out you had something to do with this, this will be your last week alive), his character is bordering on douchetard (douche retard). To top it all off, he is a wanted man in Brazil for killing a couple of men. WTFH? It’s too over the top, I think.


The weather is still C-C-c-crazy! One minute it’s all bright and sunny, the next, it’s like a clusterfuck o’ shit comes rushing down from the sky. I’m still frustrated that my crush won’t give me the time of the day. Why does he have to be this hot?! Why? Why? WHY?!