The Longest Friday

That was the looooongest Friday in the Tina History. Bar none. It was one of those days where there are so many things are going on and I had no choice but to cram all these shit in one day. It’s such a long day that it stretched all the way to Saturday.

8:00 AM: Went home

9:30AM: Bid the world good night.

1:30 PM: Woke up. Couldn’t go back to sleep. Counted how much hours I slept. Barely four fucking hours. Mumbled incoherent curses. Scratched my butt.

2:00PM: Took a bath. Edce’s waiting for me in Mega. But perfection need not be rushed.

2:00PM: Already made up my face with half-inch thick powder, concealer, lippy and fire retardant.Blushed the living shit out of my cheeks. All these and yet my hair is still wet.

3:00PM: Made a couple of phone calls regarding my stupid brand new laptop that broke down for no fucking reason whatsoever.

4:00PM: Rushed out of the house to head to the mall. Edce is in tha house, yo. Man, I gotta stop thinking I’m black.

4:15PM: Traffic was so bad, I felt like I was sucked into this blackhole that sneaked up from nowhere, messed up the space time continuum and landed on a parallel universe where fx jeeps runs on slow fucking motion. Was running low on juice, I felt my eyelids droop in drowsiness.

4:20PM: Made it to Mega. Sweating like a pig and smelled like a sewer.

4:35PM: Ate somewhere nice. Took our own sweet time.

5:30PM: Went to Toshiba Service center. Spent a great deal of time peeling the gmask sticker from my stupid brand new laptop that broke down for no fucking reason whatsoever.

6:00PM: Tried heading to Arlington. No cab was insight.

6:30PM: We made the mistake of going just as rush hour came rolling in. Ortigas was transformed into the seventh circle of traffic jam hell.

7:00PM: A cab took pity. Said the words “Arlington” “Q.C.” and “Araneta Center” in rapid succession. Taxi cab driver argued, said something about Arlington being located in Sta. Mesa. Irritated, I argued back saying something like, Kuya, Araneta center daw po eh. Baka branch yung sinasabi nyo? because I’m a fucking know-it-all. Edce was worried, fidgeted nervously. I asked her to call Paeng and ask for directions. Cab driver was right all along. Oh, the taste of bitter defeat.

7:05PM: Debated why the wake was located in Sta. Mesa when Paeng lives in Cubao.

7:17PM: Arrived just in time for the mass. Snuck in.

9:45PM: Said our good-byes. Edce will head home while lil’ ol’ me heads to the office.

10:35PM: Arrived in the nick of time. Was grateful for Edce and her kid bro for driving me back.

11:00PM: Worked the best I could under the circumstances (bone tired, low on juice, brain not working right, hole on the ozone layer). Almost slipped into catatonia in the middle of writing something about towel bars… only forΒ  the millionth time this week.

6:00AM: Saw the most glorious sunrise. Too bad it didn’t cheer me up.

7:00AM: Surfed the net ’till my eyebrows melted off.

7:30AM: Got bored. Wrote a new entry chronicling my sordid day. Didn’t ease the boredom. Realized it’s because my life is boring to begin with.

8:00AM: Waiting for the damn meeting that’s delaying my trek up north.

9:30AM: Will probably go to the bus terminal, catch a bus, finally get some sleep and forget this day ever happened.

See? What did I tell ya? Theirony? Right up ahead, the shortest Saturday known to Tina-land. Night shift is seriously kicking my ass.