Na-JokeTime ng Toshiba

I started the day being pissed and it seems I might be ending it feeling blue. I called up Toshiba Service center as soon as I was awake enough to feel around my nose for boogers. I got lots but that’s not the point. It seems the lappy I bought three weeks ago is now working fine and was ready for pick up. I got pissed because first, they had to fucking wait for the fucking customer to ask about why it took them more than a fucking week to figure out what the fucking hell is wrong with the damn laptop. Don’t they know anything about taking a fucking initiative and give due updates to their customers?

Second, it seems they are not willing to have it replaced like what we previously talked about. I was aghast to find out that they did not replace the broken LCD monitor and instead, just reformatted the damn thing. My brand new laptop that I bought three weeks ago suddenly went bat-fucking-coco bananas and they didn’t replace it for a new one even when it made it to the seven-day replacement warranty.

The last straw was when the service center guy had to gall to say they couldn’t replace it because it had scratches on it.

Deep inside, my mind was already screaming a deafening “SPAAARRRTAAAAAA!!!!” I can’t figure out what the hell he was talking about because I was too busy trying to murder him using my mind. You stupid jerk, I had the lappy g-masked the day after I bought it how the hell was that possible?!

I counted slowly from one to ten but it didn’t work. I told him that I’d like to speak to the manager. He said he took a half-day leave. Oh, what about tomorrow? It’s his fucking day off. How. Fucking. Convenient. I scheduled for a little chat with the manager as well as the tech guy who inspected my laptop this Thursday. I vow to instill fear of God into their tiny, inefficient mind.

I plan on either demanding to have it replaced for a new one or to get my money back. If they won’t comply, I might sue. Seriously, I’m having none of this bullshit. They won’t get away stealing my 50 grand.

Needless to say, my day started going downhill from there on.

Met up with Krisna later that day and talked about things. As usual, I got depressed over her migration to Italy. I wasn’t close to tears but I was close on hyperventilating, hehehe. It really got me feeling blue. My life just got a bit grayer.