Bound To Be Orayt… Hopefully.

In my last entry, I was stressed, bummed out, shell-shocked out of my mind and hormonal. I think this entry is gonna be a bit somber in comparison. Firstly, the little issue I had with the new company was already resolved. Last Thursday, I had a long, mind-numbing dialogue with my immediate supervisor (though she introduced herself as my TL) about how I’m not okay with things and told her about my impending resignation. Out of boredom and lack of sleep, I already had a grand escape plan (although I wouldn’t really call it escaping since I had every intention of coughing up the bond money that would render me free from my contract) and it involved another writer friend of mine. You see, earlier that night, I read a gut-wrenching blog entry from this still-unemployed colleague of mine and the wheels started turning. It’s fool-proof, I pay the bond monies while handing out a short but sweet resignation letter and then… recommend this colleague of mine. I know, I’m a fucking genius. And they thought they can contain this awesomeness but I showed them *insert evil laugh here*

The plan was never set in motion because first, I don’t think Rene would sign any contract that would bound him in any company for a year anytime soon and second, I grew balls and told my superiors about the problem before I was about to leave. My sister was helpful during this dark time in my career. Usually, when I couldn’t handle things in the office I just surprise everyone (my family included) with a short Hello-Good-Bye letter. It’s quick, painless and it saves me and my bosses from a long, mind-bending verbal diarrhea about the why.

Anyway I’m getting ahead of the story. So, I read his blog and was surprised to find out that he was still unemployed. I feel for him, really. I know being a glorified bum is difficult though I gotta say I enjoyed bum-hood. Like, a lot. Like, so much so that friends and acquaintances thought I was already dead or something. Well, the experience I had obviously wasn’t the same with this writer friend but to a certain extent, I can relate. Especially with all the whole bills piling up and shit. It’s hard. Sitting miserably, staring at the four-corners of my cubicle, I realized that despite the surrounding bull, I got off lucky. I sure as hell didn’t feel like it back then but apparently I am luckeh.

Last week I was just about ready to bolt out from here. The seconds trickled ever so slowly, there was no breathing room and I’ve been finding it hard to show up for work. I was angry that I find myself in the same situation that I was in almost two years ago during my Edule days. I didn’t last then and I don’t think I was gonna last now so I came to the hard decision that I will quit on the first day of my second week (which is today). But after reaching a compromise with the boss last Friday, I was relieved.

I think this could work out after all. I’m daring to expect better weeks to come. They’re nice, I love it.

On a totally unrelated note, my aunt, who made an unannounced visit last weekend, thought I had my nose done and without even asking to confirm her suspicion, went around telling my cousins I had a fucken nose job. Seriously, what the fuck? Why would I want to pay monies to have this stupid nose? I can’t even wrap my head around the idea. If I’m gonna have my nose done, it sure as fucking hell won’t look like a whack job like what my nose looks now. Meh.

Lastly, I end this entry on a sad note. My best friend will leave for Italy on the 21st of May. I just got word about it this afternoon. Wow, I was incredibly sad but extremely hopeful that she finds her luck in Italy. I guess I won’t be seeing her for two years. Man, that’s such a long time. I wish we had time to go to a four-day beach bumming escapade like what we originally planned but we ran out of time. I’m not sure if we’re ever gonna have that chance again. Magkangilidan na ng luha.

Here’s to you Kris, cheers bakla!